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Explore digital discourse across news and social media.

Media Cloud Search is a content retrieval and analysis tool for studying media ecosystems. Using parameters of keywords, dates, and media collections, Search returns matching content and provides essential analysis information such as volume count over time, top keywords used in the content, and the top entities mentioned in the content.

Search across platforms

Media Cloud integrates APIs from social media platforms in order to retrieve, visualize, and analyze content. Use Media Cloud to see comparative attention across platforms, and to retrieve content from different digital spaces that matches your query.

News cards from multiple sources

Search with global coverage

Media Cloud supports searching individual media sources, or across media sources grouped into collections. We have collections covering top media sources in over 100 countries, and add more all the time. Media Cloud also lets you search by language, including various levels of support for English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and other languages.

A map that represents the global coverage of Media Cloud Directory

Track attention over time

Media Cloud shows you attention to an issue over time to help you understand how much it is covered.
Our data can reveal key events that cause spikes in coverage and conversation. Plateaus can reveal stable, "normal", levels of attention to compare against.
You can download all our charts and the underlying aggregated data.

A graph representing Attention Over Time
words cloud example

Identify how an issue is talked about

Examine the words used to talk about an issue in order to pinpoint differing media narratives. Media Cloud can help you narrow in on the language used.

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Media Cloud Directory

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