Media Cloud Directory

The world's largest open-source news database

Media Cloud Directory is the library index of the Media Cloud database. It lists the over 60,000 media sources that regularly feed into Media Cloud Search. Users can access media collections for nearly every country in the world, as well as curated collections based on target demographic, topical focus, and political partisanship. 

Global Coverage

Directory contains curated collections from over 100 countries. Use Directory simply to get a list of media sources in a country or territory, or combine with Search to find matching content.

An illustration that represents the global coverage of Media Cloud Directory

Daily ingest of new data

Using RSS feeds, Media Cloud receives stories from its vast network of sources in close to real-time. Stories are ingested and processed daily, allowing for near instantaneous retrieval of matching content.

a diagram representing the data flowing to Media Cloud from news outlets, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube

Research-based collections of media

Many of the media collections in Directory have a basis in research, allowing for using them in academic studies to examine media based on partisanship, demographics, or subject matter focus.

an illustration representing the Media Cloud Directory collections

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