Media Cloud supports searching for content in 20 different languages.

We collect content and support searching in approximately 20 different languages. Supporting a language includes programming the tool with:

  • The "stop words" in that language, meaning words to filter out of searches such as common articles (in English, "a," "an," and "the");
  • Sentence tokenization for punctuation in the language;
  • The ability to receive imports of sources and data in the language.

Some of the languages we support have been thoroughly tested, and others are new to our tool. If you find errors in the way the tool is operating in one of our language options, please let us know at  

Languages supported

Catalan (CA)

Danish (DA)

Dutch (NL)

English (EN)

Finnish (FI)

French (FR)

German (DE)

Hausa (HA)

Hindi (HI)

Hungarian (HU)

Italian (IT)

Japanese (JA)

Lithuanian (LT)

Norwegian (NO)

Portuguese (PT)

Romanian (RO)

Russian (RU)

Spanish (ES)

Swedish (SV)

Turkish (TR)

Languages in development

Chinese (ZH)

If you would like to see a new language added to Media Cloud, please contact to begin that conversation with us!