Topic Mapper Update

June 17, 2022

At this time we’d like to provide an update about our Topic Mapper tool. Those that have been using our system for a while are likely familiar with Topic Mapper - the tool that allowed you to create a snapshot of coverage of a topic on the open web, using spidering from links in news media. 

This tool had many features layered in over time, and ultimately the system became brittle and prone to breakage. We are currently at a juncture with the size and complexity of our overall system that we must prioritize stability and core functionality. To that end, we will be sunsetting the Topic Mapper tool on September 1, 2022. 

Until that date, you can view and download the data for any topics that you previously created at After that date, the Topic Mapper tool and URL will be turned off. 

The future for Media Cloud is still robust, as we are designing new content retrieval tools that will be less prone to breakage and will support multi-platform searches. As always, please check our blog here and our Twitter account (@media_cloud) for the latest updates.